About Us

As a child, I did something that most kids would never dream of doing, at least not unless they were told to do so by their parent or guardian.   For while most kids would be playing, or getting in the kinds of trouble kids get into, I would be sitting by my favorite tree, just off the canal bank in my little town, spending time in prayer for my family and anyone who tugged at my heart that day.   My prayers were never very extravagant or long winded.  They were always very simple, “God please heal my Dad’s eyes.  He got something in them at work today and I’m worried about him.”  or “God can you please help my Mom stop smoking?”  I rarely prayed for world peace, or for the hungry little kids in a third world nation to be fed.  My prayers focused on the things in my world, the things that mattered to my young mind.  But now, as I’ve grown older, and my relationship with God has matured, my focus has grown beyond my immediate little world, to issues and matters that affect my city, state, country and even humanity’s very spiritual existence.

All that I am, and all that I believe in is a culmination of what I have experienced and learned in my short stint in this life.  And I hope, with all my being, that I will somehow affect you, the reader, by what I share with you on this site.  So please, read what I have to share with an open mind, and with a heart of love so that you too can learn from my experience.  – Alicia



  1. Thank you Alicia for all of the Wisdom, Though and Love that you put into this site. It is my prayer that it educates and moves all who read it. I will be studying this sight in depth, and recommending it to others.

    With much love,
    Scott Newkirk

  2. Thank you, Scott, for your kind and loving words. If you and others learn something from this site, the blessing will be mine.

  3. Thank you for adding my video to your blog. I am honored. I love meeting people whose hearts are “really” open to God’s love. One of the most inspiring books I’ve read on the subject of religion vs homosexuality is by Carol Lynn Pearson called, No More Goodbyes, Circling the Wagons Around our Gay Loved Ones. If you ever have a chance to read it, I know being as close to God and understanding the bible so much, you would appreciate it. Thank you for creating this site and being an inspiration.
    Peace and Blessings
    Sheri – aka Janonda42

  4. Thank you, Sheri. You too are an inspiration to Maria and I in all that you are doing on YouTube. Please keep it up as we need more people like you.


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